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NHL 18 Wishlist: How To Add Better Experience
NHL 18 Wishlist: How To Add Better Experience

In NHL 18, many gamers are seemingly familiar with the gameplay and the new 3-on-3 Threes feature. Up to now, if you haven't familiar with the new modes, highly recommend you visit here to know more. The Open Beta of NHL 18 is now progress until 8th this month, hence, we remind you that you had better not miss the chance. The game's developers talked about the brand new NHL Threes and gameplay mechanics.

Gamers are looking forward to NHL 18 bringing something new, and make it a real success. Fans have indeed some more suggestions for the game that might even add to its user interface and add great experience to the game play. Consequently, this article main introduce NHL 18 features wishlist. If you have other ideas, welcome to go to website to put forth your ideas.

It is always good with options right? Well HUT already has options for 100 of jerseys but what we get to use is one dark or light jersey. So, why not add dimensions to it? The players can get an additional option to choose a third Jersey of their choice.

More guidance can always take the game to a better level. The game can have additional coaches too- One head Coach, two assistants and one coach for goal. And it would make a great chemistry if all are paired together.

Reward for Strikes:
If the player is striking at an amazing rate, why not to reward him. If the score continues to be 4 hits in 2 games then the player can be rewarded with a shooting boost of a+1 score and if the player scores 6 strikes in 5 penalty minutes he can be get extra reward of a+1 attribute score.

More wishlist about the game's other aspects, stay tuned U4GM, we will timely update the latest news and guides, at the same time, we are committed to sell NHL 18 Coins with relatively cheap price and humanized service.